3 points to consider to start a social entreprise

08 Mar 3 points to consider to start a social entreprise

Seth GODIN: “The only way that never works is the most common: doing nothing at all.”

With our current production and consumption patterns, the environment, knowledge and cultures are under threat. Thus, more and more people wish to take an active part in sustainable development. This participation takes place in the entrepreneurial world through social enterprises. Their objective is to solve a social or societal problem. Unlike traditional businesses, profit is not an end but a means, the end is on the positive impact that will be brought into society.  

What are the important points to consider when setting up a social enterprise ?


For social enterprise to be fully efficient, it must innovate. This involves a study of the market to see what is offered, the exchange with other players. For this, there are sites for social entrepreneurs or even hold meetings to establish connections. Moreover, everyone who embarks on this adventure must have a certain sensitivity that must allow him to bring something personal and human to his business.  


A social enterprise is a contribution to solving a social or societal problem. The first thing to do is to define it properly. Once the answer to the problem has been found, we must look at how the solution will take shape. If it is a question of helping entrepreneurs on the margins of globalisation, who do not have access to the same financial resources as large groups, we can think of setting up a micro-credit scheme. But this social aspect also depends on the well-being of these employees. A social enterprise is therefore characterized by an optimal organization in its entirety.


It should not be forgotten that a company, whether social or not, requires a clearly defined organization and business plan.  To be able to help others, you have to make sure your project is viable. Thus, we must think about the different tools that will have to be deployed to set up the company. For that, similar means to those present in the traditional companies exist, in particular at the financial level. For example, there are financial cooperatives that offer credit savings solutions turned towards projects with social utility. 

So, this is some important points to consider before doing a social entreprise. But the most important thing is that it‘s organised for social purposes. The project has social repercussions, so it’s essential to get information from the people who will benefit from it, to be interested in their expectations, to listen to them. Social entreprise means collective and not individual work. Business and sharing join forces.  

Léa Grillot

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