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12 Jun Entrepreneurs portrait : Rick

8S2B : Please introduce yourself Rick : I have many years of experience with developing embedded hardware products and bringing them to market. I have also worked over the past decade in renewable energy for emerging markets. These factors came together in creating Sunny Irrigation which markets...

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15 May Entrepreneurs portrait : Olivia

8S2B : Could you please introduce yourself ? Olivia : I would call myself an Experience Designer. I love creating environments, products and services that help people feel like their best selves. Whether that’s through music, a community, or technology that connects, ignites creativity and a sense of...

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02 May Dare to try #1

In 1879, an invention that would revolutionize our daily life came about: the light bulb. have not Thomas Edison has been considered by many to be an extraordinary genius. However, for Edison « genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration » . This famous quote shows us one of...

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18 May The marketing impact of influencers

« An influencer is an individual whose status or media exposure can influence consumer behaviour in a given universe ». B.Bathelot associate marketing professor. Influencers are now an integral part of the marketing mix for brands that want to create quality content and appeal for their target audience, helping...

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