Will these 3 innovations revolutionize your daily life?

20 Jul Will these 3 innovations revolutionize your daily life?

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, perhaps the most important exhibition dedicated to technological innovation in consumer electronics was held on Jan 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It gives a trend and an idea about the way technology is taking more and more place in our daily life.

Innovations are everywhere from the delivery services of fruit and vegetables to the shape of our TV screen. Here are 3 notable innovations which are arriving in the market and could become part of a new way of living.

An independent grocery that brings you fruits and vegetables

For the one too lazy to go to the supermarket but not tempted by the online options because they prefer to choose their own fruits and vegetables? There is a solution: Robomart, an autonomous, refrigerated vehicle that distributes fresh produce, a miniature prototype of which was presented at CES.

The consumer simply places an order via an application and opens the cart with his smartphone upon delivery. The vehicle tracks the products ordered to invoice the customer.

Delivery services have grown considerably in recent years, so this innovation is not really unexpected but let note that this innovation also promotes the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

What if your beach umbrella was smart?

ShadeCraft Robotics has developed a parasol that moves autonomously along with the sun to keep you constantly in the shade and is equipped with sensors to analyze wind, humidity and air quality. The device not only helps to protect you from skin cancer but can also be controlled by voice to play music through Harman Kardon speakers or initiate a video conversation through an HD camera. No need to recharge it since it uses solar energy!

The Sunflower is already available but this wonder is not within everyone’s reach as it is priced at about USD$8,000. Can’t wait for a cheaper version!

A roll-up TV screen

This is not the first time that LG has presented a prototype roll-up screen but this one has impressive dimensions. Indeed the OLED 4K monitor measures 65 inches and can be carried in a handy storage box. It is Ideal for those who wish to enjoy a big-screen TV without it taking up wall space when not in use. It is also easy to take the screen with you. Another interesting feature is that it is not necessary to unroll the entire screen, which allows the screen size to be adapted based on the requirements of the situation. Though this innovation is useful, portable projectors are a viable alternative. This TV should hit the market in 2020.

The real question interesting to ask is : Do you think that these 3 innovations will make a meaningful impact on your life ?

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