The world changed and business too: environmental initiatives

02 Oct The world changed and business too: environmental initiatives

The planet is in danger. People realize it more and more and are progressively changing their consumer habits.

Since few years now, our grand parents habits are brought up to date again. It’s the case for the Marseille soap utilisation to replace the laundry detergent. You can find a lot of Youtube tutorials videos showing how to produce your own shampoo or household products by using white vinegar or baking soda. We use again fabric tissues to replace single-use tissues and a re-usable bottle to replace plastic bottles. A lot of people are taking the habit to bring a cloth shopping bag with them to avoid plastic bags. To reduce our ecological footprint, we also can repair our items, clothes or shoes instead of throwing them away. We can also buy some second-hand clothes. We can see more and more thrift shops in big cities, they are very trendy and we can find very original pieces for very small prices. A lot of initiatives exist also online, like Vinted, a Lithuanian company that allows people to sell or buy clothes online. Their goal is to make the second-hand the first reflex in the world. We can also take for example Sophia Amoruso who opened a eBay account and sold her clothes. The idea was so good that she later founded Nasty Gal, her own company of clothes retail.

Companies are adapting themselves to the new customers behavior and develop a lot of alternative solutions. Recently, we saw multiple new products such as tooth brushes in bamboo, reusable cotton pads, wood ustensils, straws in bamboo or inox. All having the same purpose: Reducing plastic use. India even decided to impose a nationwide ban on single use plastic by 2022. These include plastic bags, cups, plates, small bottles, straws and certain types of sachets. It’s a great initiative and shows India concerns for plastic pollution in the oceans.

So, what if you want to impact with an environmental initiative?You could think about building an eco-friendly company. It’s a company which produce or sell products or services with a limited impact on the environment and which wants to preserve the resources. Have a look in our article on eco-innovation article here :

Remember, even if it is a company for the good of the environment, it is still a business, meaning that as an entrepreneur you will need to earn money and make it viable. Let’s take the example of the Body shop, a big british company which commit to preserve the environment where its ingredients are grown and reduce its water consumption but also respect the work of the local population. We can also take the example of Lamazuna, a small french company producing solid cosmetics and zero-waste items. Its commitment is to reduce transport by selling and producing its products in France and reduce plastic consumption with solid shampoo and tooth paste with cardboard packaging. The trend is global, even in Vietnam, this little company, Doanh Nghiep (i.e. source below), produce reusable bags and wooden disposable cutlery for example.

Moreover, there is no age to contribute to change people habits and impact business world, like José, a young peruvian (started at seven years old and fourteen years old today) who has build his cooperative bank financed by the recyclable waste collect (

We can say that eco-friendly companies are not just a trend, the society is changing for the good.

By Marie Gatinois


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