The steps to build your business

8S2BUSINESS is a consulting firm offering tailor-made solutions in the organization, finance, management, and strategy. Our team utilizes many years of experience in advising clients on international and local business matters.

8S2BUSINESS is dedicated to helping you move forward by putting your ideas in motion.


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Our Services

Whether you are launching a business or growing an existing one our team will assist you to develop a strategy to succeed with customized services tailored to fit your individual needs.

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If you are looking for professional training to enhance the skills of your team, have a look at our catalog of Workshops, Masterclasses and Seminars on practical knowledge and methodologies for SME’s and MNC’s to get visible results quickly. We have a range of options specially developed for universities as well.

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Proven Methodology

Our team utilizes years of experience in advising clients on international and local business matters. We are subject matter experts, builders, makers and entrepreneurs providing business leaders, owners and investors with forward-looking business strategies and consulting services that help drive sustainable competitive advantage and profitability. Our Method also applies to business starters and is explained in our

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A Partner For Growth

Despite the efforts to develop their ideas, entrepreneurs face obstacles that could seem impossible.
We recognized this and developed a process to allow people to exploit opportunities.

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We support you at every stage of your venture

Our company specializes in consulting, developing, and expanding businesses and large enterprises based on a tailor-made proposal.

Evaluating Ideas

Planning Your Project

Growing Your Business

Investor Relationships


“Stephane, has been an invaluable mental support. Everybody knows entrepreneurship can be lonely, but experiencing it is a whole different story and Stephane’s help was an invaluable input during those times. Secondly, everybody also knows that first-time entrepreneurs usually come up with sometimes great ideas combined with passion, but no funds or network. 8S2B provides both the advantage to offer a wide range of advice and contacts of experts in their respective domain”.

Clément (entrepreneur)

“I have enjoyed working with Kannan on various projects and know him to be a reliable, professional, and engaging person. Most of all he does everything with a human touch.”

Karin Andrea (colleague)

“Her approach was very professional and efficient. It allowed me to go smoothly through the process of starting my business.  She also helps me to exploit and formalize successful business opportunities after the incorporation, I consider Stéphane-Laure as an asset and an ally for my company. “

Isabelle (entrepreneur)

“Stéphane has always found solutions to move forward and obtain the necessary answers from all parts. Her approach has been very transparent and clear to all involved partners. The follow up very professional and continuous”.

Grégoire (investor)


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