“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.“

-Marcus Aurelius

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10 Jun
Willpower Is a Muscle That Depletes With Use

Starting out as an entrepreneur can feel like a break into greater independence. That is until the dream is shaken in the form of slow sales, staff and payroll issues, depleted funds, and commitments that can’t be fulfilled. During moments like that, it’s easy to doubt ourselves. Did we make a mistake...

11 Apr
STARTUP CAPITAL: Now That You Have invested All this Money, How Long Can you Operate?

Several meetings prompted this article over the last two weeks, where the parties involved had different understandings of the term “start-up capital.” It made me think that this was a subject worth discussing. According to Investopedia, start-up capital is “the money raised by a new company to meet its initial costs.” This is...

11 Mar
Social Media: Fewer Ads, More Authenticity #KeepItReal

  Social media is the platform to be on if you want your business to be seen. But you got to admit that being online these days is draining… You don’t have to scroll far to come across sponsored content, bids for “Likes” or “Shares”, and ads creepily that follow you from...

07 Jan
Entrepreneur portrait: Bosko Stulic, Author and web developer in Belgrade

8S2B: Please introduce yourself Boško: My name is Boško Štulić and I am a developer and a storyteller in both the virtual and real world. I have always loved and appreciated the craft, so in my high-school I opted for a Computer Engineering Course— Computer 3D Modelling and Programming. Then, I...

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