“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.
-Marcus Aurelius
Entrepreneurs portrait : Rick

8S2B : Please introduce yourself Rick : I have many years of experience with developing embedded hardware products and bringing them to market. I have also worked over the past decade in renewable energy for emerging markets. These factors came together in creating Sunny Irrigation which markets...

The power of mind: 7 parallels between sport and entrepreneurship

Sports and business have a lot in common in terms of values, motivation and vision.   We found strong similarities between athletes and entrepreneurs, here are 7 characteristics we wanted to share showing what those 2 categories of people have in common. Tolerance for fear and uncertainty - Starting...

Entrepreneurs portrait : Olivia

8S2B : Could you please introduce yourself ? Olivia : I would call myself an Experience Designer. I love creating environments, products and services that help people feel like their best selves. Whether that’s through music, a community, or technology that connects, ignites creativity and a sense of...

Dare to try #1

In 1879, an invention that would revolutionize our daily life came about: the light bulb. have not Thomas Edison has been considered by many to be an extraordinary genius. However, for Edison « genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration » . This famous quote shows us one of...

Eco-innovation : more than a concept, a reality!

Environmental innovation (also called eco-innovation) is a specific form of innovation aimed at reducing the impact of products and production processes on the natural environment. Eco-innovation includes a large range of activities covering subjects like water supply, waste management and remediation activities, bio-economy, green energy...

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