Entrepreneurs portrait : Olivia

15 May Entrepreneurs portrait : Olivia

8S2B : Could you please introduce yourself ?

Olivia : I would call myself an Experience Designer. I love creating environments, products and services that help people feel like their best selves. Whether that’s through music, a community, or technology that connects, ignites creativity and a sense of well-being. I have started two businesses – The Vibe Project and Naked Nights. The Vibe Project is a music design and strategy consultation; Naked Nights is an event and community that celebrates vulnerability. Both are based in Singapore. 

8S2B : How did you get the idea of doing this business? 

Olivia : Everything I do comes from my “Why.” Why am I passionate about doing this? Who does it help and resonate with? Why does this need to exist? Once you have your Why, the Hows and the Whats come easier. 

Though The Vibe Project and Naked Nights may seem different, they both have the same Why. And that’s about creating spaces, both on and offline, that make us feel great and make feeling great accessible and fulfilling. 

When you’re sitting in a restaurant or hotel far from home, and a song you love comes on – there’s no better feeling. Match that with a whole ambience and vibe, people. That’s magic right there. And that’s what I try to create with The Vibe Project. 

Naked Nights is all about getting real. We gather to share stories and experiences around various modern-day topics all through the lease of vulnerability. It is a space where we celebrate everything that makes us human. Through Naked Nights, there is a community-driven event and initiative, as well as more intimate problem-solving sessions. 

8S2B : What is the best word/mantra fitting your mindset ? 

Olivia : “Creativity is intelligence having fun”

8S2B : What do you wish to provide to people ? 

Olivia : I wish to provide people other people  Making meaningful connections that range from personal to professional are some of the most important relationships in life. I want to provide platforms where these connections can happen effortlessly. 

8S2B : In your opinion, how to distinguish your business from your competitors ? 

Olivia : I do a lot of music curation with The Vibe Project. This space has competition from both the tech and human sides globally. But I’ve found that there are less people doing this in Southeast Asia so I’m able to stand out as a boutique consultancy. Doing this on my own, I can spend the time to truly listen and empathize with my clients; what their needs are, what’s important. That care and attention helps me to stand out. 

For Naked Nights, there are a lot of events popping up that could be similar. Like F*ck Up Nights, for example. But where Naked Nights differentiates is in the human-side of the story-telling. We go deep. There are tears. We talk about the real sh*t and don’t put on shows. But it’s all under an umbrella of celebration and positivity – so we go deep but keep it light 🙂 

8S2B : How long have you been part of this activity ? 

Olivia : I’ve been working in the music industry for 10 years now. But I started The Vibe Project 2 years ago, and Naked Nights 1.5 years ago. 

8S2B : Currently, how many workers are working here ? 

Olivia : I have one music curator working with me at The Vibe Project. And many volunteers for the Naked Nights events! 

8S2B : What are your plans for the future ? 

Olivia : To continue to grow! Naked Nights is expanding out of Singapore and I would love to grow it quickly but intentionally. And same for Vibe Project. I’d love to expand this into a one-stop shop for all music and lifestyle needs. Like the master vibe-creator business. 

8S2B : Which advice would you give to the young entrepreneurs ? 

Olivia : Be patient with yourself; things don’t happen overnight. Find a person – or a community – who are also starting their own projects or businesses. They will be extraordinarily helpful both utility and sanity-wise. And set some sort of routine. I know it’s overplayed, but it’s true! 


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