Entrepreneur portrait: Bosko Stulic, Author and web developer in Belgrade

07 Jan Entrepreneur portrait: Bosko Stulic, Author and web developer in Belgrade

8S2B: Please introduce yourself

Boško: My name is Boško Štulić and I am a developer and a storyteller in both the virtual and real world. I have always loved and appreciated the craft, so in my high-school I opted for a Computer Engineering Course— Computer 3D Modelling and Programming. Then, I changed my direction and decided to pursue my passion for words, getting degrees in Comparative Literature (BA) and Theory of Theatrical Arts and Media (MA).

I was also a journalist for 8 years. After University I have published a few books. And in the end, I decided to combine both of my passions, so I chose a job which is both creation and construction— web development and SEO.


8S2B: How did you get the idea of doing this business?

Boško: About ten years ago my cousin was exhibiting pet clothing at an expo in Belgrade. That gave me an idea to create a virtual platform for expos. I had no web experience, but I had strong motivation and a big desire to make the project work. I assembled a team and started working on it. Unfortunately, some of the team members were not up to the task.

The project ultimately turned out to be flop and I had to give it up. But it is thanks to this enterprise that I learned an invaluable lesson: sometimes, if you want something done properly, you have to do it yourself. And that is how I started learning web development.


8S2B: What is the best word/mantra fitting your mindset?

Boško: I don’t know how to can’t.


8S2B: What is the message you’re trying to spread?

Boško: I believe that moderation and balance— together with being in sync with each process that you commence— are key to business success. Also, whenever you can, buy locally. And try to get or keep connected to your community.

This exchange of goods and energy is a two-way street, and especially in complex times as these, our most reliable and valuable asset. Being rooted is never a bad investment of time, because it is essential and beneficial to us on so many levels.


8S2B: What do you wish to provide to people?

Boško: Three-clicks solution (if not possible, then at least less than 5!). An effective balance between application’s performance and well-organized, valuable features.


8S2B: In your opinion, how to distinguish your business from your competitors?

Boško: This will sound like a cliché, but it would be commendable to choose to be guided by these three principles: simplicity, creativity, reliability. I know I am.


8S2B: How long have you been part of this activity?

Boško: Well, indirectly for 9 years— as a web project manager. I have been a developer for 8 years.


8S2B: Currently, how many workers are working here?

Boško: I have my own agency and I have co-workers on a project-basis. Before, I used to be an overenthusiastic, one-man band. However, about 5 years ago, I learned the great wisdom of delegating work. And I have been applying it ever since.


8S2B: What are your plans for the future?

Boško: Business-wise I have several projects. I will have finished my WordPress theme by mid-2022, as well as a portfolio of WordPress plugins which I am currently developing. Furthermore, I have one highly elaborate project on which I am working with my friends and associates— an online store for the local Serbian market.

But for now, I am afraid I can’t disclose any additional details. It will support the buy-from-local-businesses approach.

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