Entrepreneurs portrait : Arnaud

07 Sep Entrepreneurs portrait : Arnaud

Colette’s 32 is a homely and modern wine bar & bistro designed for everyone looking for extensive choice of wines-by-the-glass to drink, affordable bites to eat, friends to greet or people to meet in a casual atmosphere and with a friendly service.


8S2B : Hello Arnaud, can you please introduce yourself ?

Arnaud : 32 years old Epicurean born in Loire Valley, France. About 10 years’ experience in Bars & Restaurant, Hotel Management and Fine Dining industries through Europe and Asia. Real food and wine lover, passionate about hospitality and culinary trends. I am now entrepreneur since a year putting all my energy, my know-how and my soul into a very exiting first Colette’s project ! 

8S2B : How did you get the idea of doing this business?

Arnaud : The idea of becoming entrepreneur has been growing since very long. The idea became bigger and bigger after years spent to work hard and countless hours for owners or employers when I realised that I could just spend the same amount of work but being my own employer. Colette project came from a lot of frustration when going out in Hanoi for lunch or dinner and enduring the poor offer of wine by the glass in most restaurants in town. Bad value, low quality and poor choice of wine by the glass offer. You want to get a decent glass of wine in Hanoi? Go to 5 stars hotels and pay unreasonable price for it or just buy a bottle in a restaurant but you mostly don’t want to have a bottle by your own everyday.

8S2B : What is the best word/mantra fitting your mindset?

Arnaud : “Stop waiting for things to happen ! Go out and make them happen !”

8S2B : What is the message you’re trying to spread?

Arnaud : We all have dreams ! Those dreams can be dreamed or lived! Just a matter of choice. There is no written destiny. We all have the power to make choices, takes actions that will determine our lives. The doors does not open ? Build your own F…g door !

8S2B : What do you wish to provide to people?

Arnaud : For people working with me? A good working environment where each team member can be valued by their merit and motivation, where they can learn and grow! For my customers? Make them feel good, feel home, feel well treated with top quality, good value food & wine and friendly services.

8S2B : In your opinion, how to distinguish your business from your competitors ?

Arnaud : In my opinion, we are the only true Wine Bar in Vietnam offering 32 wines by the glass from value to premium quality, for all tastes and all budgets. We also are part of the very limited restaurant options offering “real” good value food and services delivered by “real” passionate professionals that are not only money profit oriented but first and foremost that are quality experience oriented.

8S2B : How long have you been part of this activity?

Arnaud : Almost 10 years.

 8S2B : Currently, how many workers are working here?

Arnaud : 10

8S2B : What are your plans for the future?

Arnaud : Make Colette Hanoi stable within the next 12 months, create Colette Saigon, Danang and then we will see….

8S2B : Which advice would you give to the young entrepreneurs?

Arnaud : If you have a dream, an idea, a project… take a bit of your free time to develop it, investigate, take notes, make a basic business plan. Then share your project with neutral people having a “go for it” attitude. Do not listen to people having the “cannot” attitude. If you have the chance to work with 8S2Business, you are into good hands. They really are the ones that can help you to make your project happen ! My project would never become reality without the help and the support from 8S2Business. They provide the essential mental and technical support you need to make things happen, not only in your dreams ! They are full or resources and will certainly guide you through the entire process providing multiples solutions to your business plan challenges/queries. They will cover your back in terms of financial plan and legal matters. They will also bring to your attention business opportunities you even would not have though about.

8S2B : Do you want to share something more with us?

Arnaud : Willing to work with you again when the opportunity will come!



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