Entrepreneurs portrait : Yen Thu

20 Mar Entrepreneurs portrait : Yen Thu

8S2B : Could you introduce yourself and explain your background?

Yen Thu : Nurse A State Graduate at AP-HP (Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris) in France, I worked 3 and a half years before arriving in Vietnam, 16 years ago. I opened the Boule & Billes crèche in Binh Thanh District 6 in November 2004, after the closure of Petit Ours crèche (Phu Nhuan) where I have made a replacement for the Director. 

Preschool and elementary classes were created in Boule & Billes, the day nursery became a school. I taught 3 years in preschool and I animated plastic art activities in extracurricular.

I managed the Phu My Hung site from 08/2009 to 06/2015. The Phu My Hung school was relocated to Thao Dien in September 2015. The 2 sites of Binh Thanh and Thao Dien have obtained AEFE approval for cycles 1 and 2.

Since the beginning of September 2018, i have started my own projectout of school. The idea has matured for several years but the decision was taken in late June 2018.

I am still the Managing Director of the school’s company.

8S2B : Where did you get the idea to start this new activity ?

Yen Thu : I missed the contact with children. I have been organizing school parties and events for almost 15 years. I like to organize birthdays for our own children, family or friends. Most of all, I like to receive friends and always welcome them.

8S2B : Which word best defines the state of mind of your company?

Yen Thu : Family.  

8S2B : What impact do you want to have on people coming at BB Kids events and parties ?

Yen Thu : Satisfaction. 

Give kids and parents the desire to come back, celebrate their birthday here or other parties, or discover interesting workshops.

8S2B : Could you explain us the concept?

Yen Thu : This new concept meets a need. A pleasant villa with garden and pool, equipped with secure spaces with outdoor and indoor games for children of all ages. (A mother can come with her 2 or 3 children).

A relaxation area also for adults, catering possible on the spot.

Friendly place, conducive to family and friendly meetings. 

And a tailor-made service.

8S2B : What makes you different?

Yen Thu : First of all, a French environment. We organize tailor-made parties. We reach everyone : Children (babies, children, pre-teen and even teenagers) but also adults. All of this with outdoor games and pool side. As far as i know, nobody offers so many choices on the same site.

8S2B: How many people work with you currently?

Yen Thu : Actually, 7 peoples. 4 full-time and 3 part-time but we want to hire.

8S2B: What are your plans for the future?

Yen Thu : Develop the concept : boutique, children and adult workshops and cafe / restaurant for families.Do more advertising, make people understand the concept.

Attract an English-speaking community to expand the clientele and have more people at events.Continue to offer a wide variety of events (innovate).

8S2B: Do you have something more to share with us ?

Yen Thu : I really believe in this project and think that the proposal pleases, I invest myself a lot in it and can’t wait to see more and more people enjoying this too and come at BB Kids events and parties.

You can find them at the following address :

BB Kids events and Parties, Villa Jasmine,6/1/2A Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien, District 2, HCMV


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