Willpower Is a Muscle That Depletes With Use

10 Jun Willpower Is a Muscle That Depletes With Use

Starting out as an entrepreneur can feel like a break into greater independence.

That is until the dream is shaken in the form of slow sales, staff and payroll issues, depleted funds, and commitments that can’t be fulfilled.

During moments like that, it’s easy to doubt ourselves. Did we make a mistake perhaps? Did we overestimate ourselves? Maybe we’re not meant for entrepreneurship.

Maybe our parents were right…

(They’re not, by the way)

 When the grind has gotten the better of you like this, what can you do? How can you maintain your energy, focus, and positivity?

One way is to tap into the reason why you started.

Companies that operate from a place of deeper purpose lead from the front with a firmer sense of why they’re doing what they do.

The same can be applied to you, the entrepreneur.

Knowing that your business can fulfill a need is one thing but if you’re not connected to your purpose, and your mission, it’s easy to burn out midway and lose steam.

While you could rely on willpower to get you through, research is showing this is not an effective strategy. Why? Because willpower is a muscle that depletes with use.

Purpose, however, is a perpetual engine.

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There have been countless discussions about the essential ingredients needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

If someone has a strong “why” behind what they do, they operate with an almost unstoppable life force. Work even gives them purpose.

All the entrepreneurs we’ve worked with exhibit this passion. There is no reason behind why they do something other than “I want to”.

We call this energy “The Drive” and have written about it in our book, “A Business Planner For Business Starter”.

The Drive is a swirl of craziness, hope, motivation, and a fierce urge to do something no matter what.

And the more you remember your Drive, the more it makes you and your business crackle with energy.

 A wonderful thing happens when you align your entrepreneurial mission with the reason why you started.

Having a purpose enables you to build confidence and deal better with the bogeyman every entrepreneur must face: Impostor Syndrome.

Work becomes a personal mission when you know where you want to go and what you must do to get there. You are able to provide value and understand the purpose of hard work.

Instead of resenting the grind, you’ll start to appreciate it. Challenges become easier to bear. Setbacks turn into a gainful experience. And the drudgery of the grind becomes meaningful — a necessary step towards your goals.

As Brian Hamilton writes,

 “What will get you through the long nights isn’t the promise of flashy success or a lot of money, but rather, being reminded that you are creating something bigger than yourself.”


Keep going, entrepreneur!

You are on your way!

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