Fellow Entrepreneurs, Don’t Forget Why You Do What You Do

08 Dec Fellow Entrepreneurs, Don’t Forget Why You Do What You Do

Lotta Alsen’s article, “Entrepreneurship as a Spiritual Journey” talks about one of the biggest challenges in entrepreneurship: Disenchantment.

It happens at a point when stress is piling high and the responsibilities weigh heavy. There are payrolls to meet, investors to impress but the funding has run dry. And you’re starting to get sick of being in charge all the time.

The highs of entrepreneurship have taken a turn and now, you’re riding low worrying about how to last another month. This isn’t fun anymore.

As Alsen writes…

“Without us even noticing, the business all too easily turns into a dictator. From having been driven by our ideals, we are as much a cog in the machinery as anyone else – just with more responsibility.”

Just with more responsibility.

 Disenchantment is a phenomenon ALL entrepreneurs face at some point in the journey when reality starts to sink in.

 Passion has burned out and now you’re weary. You find yourself relying on non-sustainable motivators like willpower and obligation to keep going.

Unfortunately, diligence without passion turns the work we do into a job.  Now most people are okay with jobs and are happy to go with the flow like water. The entrepreneur such as yourself, however, is a breed fuelled by something hotter: FIRE.

Jobs don’t ignite us. Impact does.

And in our experience as business consultants, the saddest thing in the world is a disenchanted entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs who lose hope in themselves and their impact retreat. They withdraw from their work and the business. They forget WHY they started in the first place and believe this is the end of their contribution.

Alas, no one’s reminded them… The reason they started is exactly WHY they’re needed by their customers and communities.

We’ve noticed a common trait in all entrepreneurs. A compulsion to do a rather specific something with no reason behind it other than “I want to”.

For us at 8s2business, it’s about helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, making it happen. For you, it could be achieving financial freedom. Or helping others. Or selling creative solutions.

Whatever spurs you, it has a name. We write about it in our book, “A business planner for business starter”. This compulsive energy is called “The Drive”.

The Drive is a churn of craziness, hope, motivation and a fierce urge to utterly do something no matter what. And the more you remember your Drive, the more it returns purpose to you and dispels those feelings of disenchantment.The “WHY”.

We see this electric energy in all the entrepreneurs we work with — even in those going through tough times. Drive electrifies a person. Their work becomes enlivened and you, as a fellow entrepreneur, bristle with this energy too whether you realise it or not.

Your WHY is powerful. Your WHY is that sail that guides your entrepreneurSHIP forward. Pun intended.

If you don’t know your WHY yet, perhaps it’s time to get back in touch with yourself and remember.

What drives you to do the things you do? What is the reason behind it?

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. But having in mind what brought you to the path is going to help you stay strong against the endless challenges of the journey.

It’s the same for us. Even after being in business for a decade, we’d be liars if we can’t admit to the many times we wanted to fold and give up. But we kept going because that’s us.

As a business, we love helping entrepreneurs manifest their ideas. As people, however, we love watching entrepreneurs create an impact with their businesses. We are inspired by the way people like you hope, dream. Try. Dare.

That’s WHY we do what we do.

 As an entrepreneur, you are gifted with something unique to bring to a business whether it’s a product, a skill or a specialisation. You provide inherent VALUE to whomever you choose to help. 

In entrepreneurship, you are not an employee. People want to work with you because of the value you provide. Not because of your qualifications, background, connections… etc.

Therefore while you may be endlessly challenged, know that you endlessly contribute too.

Your work has value. Your customers want you to solve their problems. And those of us in the community find you an important comrade.

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy but its rewards are great and the work you do has an impact. Large or small, it has touched someone out there before which still makes it valid.

 So carry on, entrepreneur!
Keep being you and doing what you do. 


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